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There are three main division of material which comprise these publications, ( some of which are in moderate form, pamphlets and hardback, professionally and hand produced.)

Their subject matter.

Personal biography.

In pamphlet form, a narrative of the many signs in providence which God provided to endorse the ministry of Reformation2.

Devotional works.

In pamphlet, paperback and hardback, works of a devotional nature, Liturgy & poetry.

Reformation 2 Tuition Guides

An entire Tuition Course, called the Alpha & Omega fellowship EXCHANGE.

This comprises five books;

The Tutors Handbook. A Team Leaders Guide to the entire course.

Including script of the reformation2 Passion Play, for adults and for children to help fund raising projects for charities.

The Alpha & Omega fellowship EXCHANGE An introductory guide for fellowship groups

Songs of Faith with music and words.

Songs of Faith words only.

Prayers of Faith. A DIY Prayer Book.

This course is very diverse in its comprehensiveness, but also adaptable to suit local needs

Its subject matter addresses Christianity and the development of Western Civilization,

covering the development of the Denominations, the Hymn Book, the continuity of the Christian and the complete life of Christ.

In the latter it covers the development of Western Civilization, of music, painting and poetry.

It provides a unique and systematic approach to each subject, simplifying them in a none academic way.

*** A final book in completion .

‘’ The Reformation of Western Civilization and the Unification with Rome.’’

Various tapes of talks by the author.

A full list of titles and all prices will be published.